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Thunderbird – Reclaim Your Inbox

February 8th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Thunderbird – Reclaim Your Inbox

So I spent a little while today trying out RSS feed readers, and after installing (and uninstalling) three new applications I ended up going with a feed reader that was already installed on my computer: Mozilla Thunderbird.

There were a few important items that affected what I went with:

1. There are a lot of RSS applications that work with Outlook, which is cool, but my company e-mail is valuable enough that I don’t want to mess around with something that could potentially frag my PST file. So Outlook-based solutions are out of the question.

2. Memory load. Programs in any version of Windows take up a different amount of memory when they’re open as opposed to when they’re minimized (if they’re well-coded programs anyway). I tested all 4 programs for memory load with 4 active RSS feeds, maximized and minimized. Surprisingly Thunderbird came out on top, using approximately 2.5 megabytes while minimized, and slightly over 15 while maximized. One of the other readers actually used more than 15 while minimized, earning it an instant un-install.

Thunderbird is primarily intended as an e-mail application but it also has excellent RSS support built into it. Honestly I’d rather use Thunderbird for my e-mail and RSS, but the folks I work with are big, big fans of the HTML e-mail Outlook uses by default, and it also doesn’t have any calendar or task list support (which Outlook syncs with my Palm).

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