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House approves electronic ID cards

February 11th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

House approves electronic ID cards | CNET News.com

Wonderful. I’m so happy we’re moving towards a “Your papers please sir” state. You know, I used to watch movies and TV shows where somebody gets pulled over in some nameless oppressed country and the Police-like figure walks up and asks for papers. Not that this doesn’t happen in the U.S., but the difference is here you don’t go to a gulag if they don’t like what they see. You just get a ticket or maybe a short trip to the Police Dept to prove your identity. Kids growing up today won’t realize there was once a difference between the U.S. and that image by the time they get to drive.

Oh, and by the way, once these regulations go into effect you could be denied entry to planes, trains, national parks, and any other area/service controlled by the government. Unless you have that magic ID card. Then it’s ok. Then everything’s ok, right?


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