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More details on HST (last requests, health)

February 24th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

MSNBC – Thompson’s suicide not an impulse, friend says

Follow-up article on the biggest loss of the year, Hunter S. Thompson. Very much worth a read.

Clip from the article:
Douglas Brinkley, a historian and author who edited some of Thompson’s work, said the founder of “gonzo” journalism shot himself Sunday night after weeks of pain from a host of physical problems that included a broken leg and a hip replacement.

“I think he made a conscious decision that he had an incredible run of 67 years, lived the way he wanted to, and wasn’t going to suffer the indignities of old age,” Brinkley said in a telephone interview from Aspen. “He was not going to let anybody dictate how he was going to die.”

I still think suicide is the easy way out (and not in a good way), but who am I to tell that to man of 67 years who saw his world change in ways he never imagined?

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