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Sony Kills the PSX

February 24th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sony Kills the PSX : Gizmodo

The marketing juggernaut at Sony finally has a noticable ding in their armor. The PSX is (was) a combination PS2-DVR. Basically you could play all your games and record television shows, burn custom DVDs, and slew of other features.

And here’s where the problem is: Sony’s marketing department seems to think that “feature” means “something we’ll promise before the system comes out, leave out of the original release, hint at in an upcoming patch/update, and then finally admit we couldn’t get it to work and drop the price a bit so we can still wrangle a couple new sales out of our press coverage.”

I own a PS2. But that doesn’t mean I’m not bitter at Sony for killing the Dreamcast with these same tactics. 😉

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