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Google Desktop Search – Second Impressions, round 1

March 7th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Google Desktop Search Download

A few months back Google introduced a beta version of its Desktop Search and I happily installed it. At the time it didn’t index the cache of my browser (FireFox) so I uninstalled it. Granted it did search my computer much, much, MUCH faster than the standard Windows search function but all I ended up using it for was searching for e-mails in Outlook. Outlook already includes a search function, but I don’t have to use it often enough to justify running an entirely separate program just because it does it better.

Today Google took the beta off of Desktop Search, which, excluding the main search, is a first for them I’m fairly sure. Anyway, this new version indexes FireFox’s cache along with Outlook, Outlook Express, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, IE, AOL IM, Netscape Mail, Thunderbird, Mozilla, PDF files, music files, image files, and videos *whew*.

I installed it around ten o’clock this morning, and as of four in the afternoon it’s indexed 72% of my drive (40GB laptop). Google only creates the main index during idle time (basically any time your mouse isn’t moving) and once the index is created future background work is fairly minimal. One thing I did notice with the first version is that it seemed fairly slow to start-up (I had it starting with windows, figured it was probably a good idea for a system-wide search app). We’ll see if that’s fixed in this version, though I’d imagine it may be unavoidable.

Memory load: As of right now, with my 72% full index, I’ve got two applications running GoogleDesktop.exe (508K) and GoogleDesktopIndex.exe (5,212K). We’ll see what that Index app drops to when the main file is complete.

More to come!

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