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Oliver Ignatius & The Hysterics

March 8th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

MTV.com – News – The Hysterics

music (for robots) – (free mp3 download)

My fancy cable box just served a valuable service for once (other than my cable modem). I just saw a MTV news piece on a 15-year old by the name of Oliver Ignatius who is a high schooler at St. Ann’s in Brooklyn. The “valuable service” bit is the fact that I’ll be watching this kid’s career closely.

Besides raising some of the most impressive hip-hop acts in recent times, it seems Brooklyn is also working on some amazingly talented indy pop (sorry, I’m not a professional music critic, my genres are broad) musicians in training.

Turns out a teacher at Oliver’s school heard the song on a mix CD he was given by another student. He tracked Oliver down and asked permission to post the song on Music For Robots, a music blog he writes for in his spare time. Sway over at MTV News somehow found the post and they did a You Hear It First piece.

The coolest part, in my humble opinion, was when MTV contacted Oliver he refused to let a feature be done on him. Instead he insisted the story feature his group. I remember how impressed I was to hear someone in his position with his talent say “I’m not interested in a solo gig.”

Oliver’s music strikes me as a having a Beatles-era British invasion meets Belle and Sebastian kind of sound. Regardless of your taste in music I think you’ll find it’s the best writing and composition you’ve heard from a 15 year old. If all goes well (and it certainly seems like it is) you’ll be seeing more of these guys soon.

Update: Through visitor info I discovered that this page is one of the top results for a Google search on Oliver Ignatius. While I think that’s great I’d like to leave a note for Oliver: Hey man, you rock. Not trying to take over your online world or anything 😉

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