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Sony’s NW-100 Series

March 8th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sony Launches NW-100 Series – InfoSync World

I’ve got my beefs with Sony’s marketing department, but their electronics (especially in the last 10 years) have consistently impressed me with their design and durability. When I decided to enter the portable digital music arena a little over a year ago I ended up going with the Sony NetMD NE410. With Sony’s latest compression (the much hated ATRAC3 format) you can fit 5 1/2 hours of music on a single 80 minute minidisc (I know that sounds confusing but it’s true), and minidiscs can be purchased for as cheap as $1 a piece.

The NE410 has served me well but I’m getting closer to wanting a high capacity player like an iPod. Regardless, the whole experience has made me realize digital music is the future distribution medium for what will most likely be the vast majority of the industry’s business. Skip free people. Skip free.

Anyway, the NW-100 above is Sony’s answer to Apple’s recently released iPod Shuffle, and based on looks alone I must say I’m impressed.

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