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Flickr: whats in your bag

March 11th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Flickr: Photos tagged with whatsinyourbag

One of the really cool things about Flickr is tags, basically short descriptive words that you can add to your photos. So if anyone searches Flickr for photos tagged with “Beach” all of my pictures of my parent’s cottage will come up, because I put the beach tag on all of them.

Gizmodo has been posting “What’s In Your Bag?” articles for some time now, but Flickr users have made it even easier by tagging their own pictures and labeling the contents (flickr has this nifty feature where you can add notes to a picture, basically a small pop-up text box that’s assigned to a certain area of the picture).

Check out the link and you’ll see what I mean.

UPDATE: You can check out the contents of my bag here.

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