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Let gallop your imagination and draw with Escher Web Sketch

March 14th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Escher Web Sketch – large Java application (may take a few minutes to load on slower connections/computers)

My first Escher Sketch
(My real first Etch-a-Sketch)

FYI the title of this post comes from the Babelfish translation of the main page for the domain this nifty little java app comes from (French to English translation… and rough at that). Though the author has been known to attempt phrases of that nature from time to super-happy time.

I could try and explain what this thing is, but I think I can leave it to this snippet from the site itself. And, once you’ve read it, I’m sure you’ll understand why I chose to use this italicized gem instead of try and explain it myself 🙂

“Since 1987, many crystallographers and many other specialists enjoyed the attractive software written for the Macintosh by Terry Flaherty from Loyola University in New Orleans. Escher Sketch was originally created for the purpose of designing periodic decorations. It was soon realized however that this application was an excellent teaching tool for the illustration of basic crystallography courses. It was easy to select one of the 17 symmetry possibilities in two-dimensional space (the 17 two-dimensional space groups or plane groups) and use the symmetry operations to generate automatically 2D periodic pattern. With the various tools available, it was thus easy to generate all conceivable wall-paper (periodic) patterns.

In order to make such a program readily accessible to students and teachers of crystallography, and others interested in the art of periodic decorations, the current program has been developed in Java in order to be directly accessible on the World Wide Web (W3). In addition, the possibility of coloring the patterns has been introduced along with other tools to facilitate the creation of two-dimensional crystalline structures.”

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