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If video games kill, what about the Bible?

March 18th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

If video games kill, what about the Bible? | Perspectives | CNET News.com

Charles Cooper has an excellent OpEd piece up over at cnet.com. In it he points out that blaming video games for violence in our country (or anywhere else for that matter) is basically a cop-out, and goes on to make the point that the Bible is one of the bloodiest books of all time (it is, I’ve read it) so why isn’t the Bible catching any heat?

We’ve got problems in our society and violence is just a symptom. I can’t tell you exactly what these problems are (because I’m just one human being like yourself), but every day we all see them and we just don’t know it or, more likely, we just don’t care.

I like to think that neither the Bible nor video games cause any violence but I am arguably wrong on both counts. In the history of man more wars have been committed for religion than any other reason (a fact which applies to all religious literature, not just the Bible), and I’d imagine that if you took a sociopath-in-the-making and had them play GTA for several hours and then handed them an M16 they probably would run out and start mowing down innocent people.

Most importantly people seem to have forgotten that our society is so large, so complex, it’s completely illogical to think that you can nail down violence to any ONE cause because we’re all different and we all have different buttons that get pushed in different ways.

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