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X-Men 3 News: The New Mutants

March 21st, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

X-Men 3 News – Ain’t It Cool News

Ain’t it cool news (which is ironically hated and loved by the movie industry for both spoiling their movies and providing a perfectly targeted advertising medium) has an article up claiming they’ve received information about some new mutant buddies who’ll be showing up in the next X-Men movie.

Word is that The Beast and Gambit will be joining up. But the real kicker is the third new face. Long time X-Men followers know that Angel is one of the original X-Men and has been in the series since the 1960’s. But according to the article, Angel will be a girl in X-Men 3.

I’m sure a ton of X-Men diehards will be up in arms over this (if it’s true), but I stopped enthusiastically caring about literature to movie adaptations a long time ago. Now I only get excited if the adaptation is an excellent one.

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