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Gizmodo & Engadget smack around the DecoDock

March 22nd, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Pressure Drop DecoDock : Gizmodo

Engadget – Pressure Drop DecoDock

As is often the case Gizmodo and Engadget (two of my favorite tech news sites)review or cover stories that are the same. Because both sites are technically blogs they are allowed a bit more wiggle room than your standard online news site, but rarely do I see both of them put the verbal smackdown on a single product like Pressure Drop’s DecoDock.

Personally I kinda like the design, especially with those light-up towers next to the shuffle itself. Both sites seem to have a healthy hatred for Pressure Drop’s marketing verbage on their site, which is understandable, but come on guys, it’s just a USB extension cord with a fancy end on it, nothing more.

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