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Iceland won’t track Bobby Fischer

April 1st, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yahoo! News – Iceland Won’t Tip Off U.S. if Bobby Fischer Travels:

Bobby Fischer, one of the top chess champions in the world, has made it to Iceland after 8 months in Japan fighting a U.S. deportation order.

62-year old Fischer is wanted by the U.S. for violating economic sanctions by playing a single chess match in what was Yugoslavia.

Enough of the news bits, here’s my thoughts:

The incident this predicament stems from occurred 13 years ago. Fischer played fellow champion Spassky in a grueling match that is still revered as a historical match-up by chess aficionados. It could have been spun as a patriotic victory over cold war foes, but instead Washington decided it would be a better idea to lock him up. Any importance the match had in and of itself was lost as the world quickly focused on the bizarre case against Mr. Fischer. He largely shuns the spotlight and wants no monetary gain from his situation.

Here’s my favorite bit from a “senior Icelandic government source”:

“Iceland does not monitor its citizens, the source said.”

Funny, I always thought the U.S. didn’t track its citizens. Guess I was wrong.

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