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Hundreds of Students Kicked Out of School

April 5th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hundreds of Students Kicked Out of School – Sunnyvale CA

I find this story interesting because the situation they are in is the exact opposite from what is going on where I live. Basically, over 300 students were called to their principal’s office. Their parents were called and told that their child doesn’t go to school there anymore. Turns out that parents were taking some rather extreme measures (such as renting an apartment in the district but not actually living in it) just so their kids could go to these schools. Budget problems have forced the schools to prove that each student lives in the correct district. The 300+ expelled students were those who couldn’t prove out what the school wanted.

The school systems of Lansing are having a similar problem, but the interesting part to me is that Lansing and the surrounding towns allow their kids to participate in the “School of Choice” program, essentially pitting each school against each other. Parents can send their kids to those schools in Lansing that participate in the program for a slightly higher fee if they don’t live in the school’s district.

I find this quote interesting:
“The people who are supposed to be here are getting deprived of the education they are supposed to have,” said Ronald Dews.

Funny, no matter what school I was going to it always seemed like the same crappy just-good-enough schooling no matter how many students were in there with me. Besides, I’d be willing to bet that the performance of the teachers in this school won’t exactly go up once they have a lighter work load.

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