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LOC Adds 50 titles, including Public Enemy

April 6th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Library of Congress – News – LOC Names 50 recordings to the 2004 National Recording Registry

This is so unbelievably cool…

Every year the head honcho of the LOC (Library of Congress) selects 50 sound recordings for the National Recording Registry. This is the fourth set of recordings to be added since the National Recording Preservation Act of 2000 went into effect. James Billington (check out his rockin’ suit here), whose official title is “The Librarian of Congress”, just made his picks for 2004.

Personal highlight: The addition of Public Enemy’s “Fear Of A Black Planet”

I didn’t really get into rap or hip-hop that much until my wife introduced me to the various groups I now love, but Public Enemy has always had a special place in my CD collection. I could go on for pages about PE’s accomplishments over the years, but I’ll never forget how much I was blown away by Chuck D’s voice the first time I heard it.

Anyway, big congrats to Public Enemy!!! You guys deserve it.

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