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Free Press : Stop News Fraud

April 15th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Free Press : Stop News Fraud

I usually try to keep politics out of my page unless its either A) Funny or B) Funny…. you get the idea.

This one’s a tad on the serious side. Once again, for the record, I consider myself an independant, not aligned with any specific political party.

Here’s the basics of why you should click the link above: Your tax money is being used to pay for “news stories” specifically promoting the Bush administration’s policies.

Please note that this isn’t about the POLICIES… this is about your tax dollars going to propaganda instead of education, health care, or any one of the thousands of other, better uses for this money. News is news, and freedom of the press means not acting as a clearing house for goverment approved news features.

I’d post this no matter who was in power, so bite me all you political flamers who label me just another Bush Basher.

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