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PSP Underclocked to Save Battery Life

April 15th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

PSP Underclocked? (It Is) : Gizmodo

File Under: One More Example Of Sony’s Odd Development Process

Most companies spend a decently long time developing a new product, or, at the very least, they give the prototype enough time to go through a few revisions.

Not at Sony! In a move that is now becoming typical for their gaming folks, they tweaked the hardware instead of building a complete, solid performing device.

An astute Australian blogger has noticed that the PSP appears to be underclocked intentionally by Sony. No official comment has been made yet, but the only theory he has (which I totally agree with) is they did it to save battery life. The underclocking appears to be controlled in the unit’s software, so a better battery in the future could lead to a very noticeable performance increase.

This isn’t really a bad move per se, and some would even say it’s a smart move to prepare the PSP for future battery technology.

But let’s not lose sight of the real issue: Sony built a handheld device that needed more power than current technology can support. If they’d been a bit more realistic about what they were building they wouldn’t be in a situation where they would need to do something like this.

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