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PSPs with dead pixels replaced by… PSPs with dead pixels

April 15th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sony Replaces Bad Pixel PSPs with Bad Pixel PSPs : Gizmodo

Man, Gizmodo is giving me plenty of PSP-bashing opportunities today. I don’t dislike the device, just the way Sony’s handled it. And here’s another fantastic example:

Quick story: When I bought my Nintendo DS I got it home and discovered I had a single, bright white dead pixel smack in the middle of the top screen. I called EBgames and asked what I should do, knowing what Sony’s policy was and not being sure of Nintendo’s. EB told me to bring it back, which I did. When I was at the store they happily pulled out another DS and let me test it to make sure it was free of the deceased image-rendering dots.

Sony, on the other hand, puts the load on the customer. At first they weren’t even going to cover dead pixels, but after a week of online griping by PSP users they caved and offered a mail in program. That’s right, YOU pay for shipping to send it back to them.

Here’s where the fun (and the link above) comes in: Turns out Sony’s been shipping units with dead pixels to replace the dead pixels. Says a lot about the quality control in the production of the device, eh?

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