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Cold Saturday, Misc Ramblings, Cool Flickr Stuff

April 23rd, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here in Lansing we spent the last week remembering why this city can be such a beautiful place in the spring. In the last seven days we’ve seen two that hit eighty degrees (one of them breaking a previous record high by twenty degrees) and a four day streak of skies so clear local news teams received tans just by standing near the forecasters as they told us all about it. Flowers bloomed in massive quantities, trees seemed to skip budding, and everyone’s car windows came down for the first time in eight months.

And then we got THE NEWS. Two inches of snow possible by Saturday morning (which thankfully didn’t happen). Eight inches possible by Sunday evening. A winter storm watch from Friday evening through Monday morning. At the moment it’s thirty six degrees out and snowing, but thankfully nothing is sticking to the ground. Looking out my window it’s as if the entire city has shut down. Nobody is outside, very few cars are on the streets, even the animals have retreated to shelter in protest of our forty degree step backwards. Even our local baseball team, while not in town, were forced to delay their game until tomorrow (which is still in doubt).

So I spent the morning in bed and somehow slept until almost noon, which is the first time that’s happened in… over a year I think. Try working bankers’ hours for over a year and it’ll happen to you too. My laptop is a trusty companion on days like this and it’s been too long since I had a chance to post something lengthier than my usual link posts with two line rants (somebody please tell me if this blog ends up becoming too bitter!) My sister and I spent a while catching up over AIM, I updated my flickr account, and I’m listening to some new music I got last night from a friend who recently moved back into town. Michigan weather may suck, but it gives you plenty of excuses to stay inside on occasion and have a day in pajamas 🙂

About a month after I started posting here I added a statcounter link so I could tell more about the readers who stop by. Don’t worry, the only things I get to see are stuff like what browser you’re using, where your ISP is, what pages you looked at, and if you came to this site from a search engine or another link, etc etc etc. I noticed one reader who came from a .mil domain (meaning they were connected via a military network) who looked at my post on a piece of subway Nintendo DS advertising. I’m pretty sure this is the same guy who took that picture but to be honest there’s no way to know for sure. Anyway, while I was looking at his flickr account I came across his set of Peep This photos which feature the adventures of a marshmallow peep on a US Navy forward-deployed Frigate. Great stuff, and just another example of how great a service flickr really is.

Last week I got a new camera in the mail (after a lucky ebay purchase). It’s a Logitech Pocket 130, and while it isn’t the best camera out there it more than meets my needs.

I wanted something small and very portable, and while the sensor is only 1.3 MP it still takes great pictures. There’s no LCD screen for previewing the pictures you take, but the plus side to this is the built in lithium-ion battery lasts forever. A handy option in the USB syncing software will automatically clear the cameras memory and the included tools work well for any minor edits (crop, brightness/contrast, red-eye, etc). It can take pictures within two seconds of opening it so (short of a built in printer) it’s almost the perfect equivalent of a digital polaroid.

Any photographer will tell you that taking lots of pictures is just one part of getting good pictures and this camera is definitely suited for that. I’ve been taking a lot more random pictures like this one:

The various stresses that life always brings have reminded how much a relaxing activity reading can be, and a few months back I started re-reading my Tom Robbins collection. My friend Adam is going to school to be a writer and I’ve been fascinated by his recent takes on Robbins’s work and overall views on life, society, and religion. Back in 2000 I decided to spend my summer reading every book Robbins wrote based on Adam’s recommendation and now he’s one of my favorite authors.

Well that’s about all the typing I have in me for the moment. The shower is calling and so is Warioworld.

May your weekend by merry and may your weather be better than mine!

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