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The Mystery Surrounding Montgomery Paisley

April 25th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Mystery Surrounding Montgomery Paisley – ATSNN.com

Every once in a while you find a story online that isn’t getting much attention in the media, and you thank the Internet deities for guiding you to it.

This link is one of those stories. Here’s the intro to whet your appetite.

No one knows what Montgomery Paisley has been up to, or where he has been, since late summer of 2003. That’s when he took a trip to Thailand for a two week vacation, and subsequently vanished from the face of the Earth – at least until April 7th of this year, when he walked into the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, and inquired about getting home. If Montgomery Paisley was just your average Canadian citizen, his feat of complete disappearance for almost two years wouldn’t even be worth talking about. But Paisley’s not your average citizen. He’s an explosives expert in Canada’s Special Forces unit JTF-2. And when he disappeared, with a laptop full of bomb-making information, the NIS was hot on his heels.

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