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Florida girl has abortion blocked

April 30th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

BBC NEWS | Americas | Florida girl has abortion blocked

(I was a thumb sucker just like this little guy here)


Warning… The link above will take you to a page addressing a topic we Americans are very sensitive about. We gather in large groups to yell at each other about it. Grown men and women can get violent, doctors get blown up, and it’s all around something that most people don’t talk about before their morning cup of coffee.

I was raised in the church. To be honest, I can understand where the pro-lifers are coming from. When your belief system is fundamentally rooted in the fact that life is the best gift mankind ever received it’s an easy connection to make. There is another key element of modern Christianity’s belief system, that you must respect the law of the land. Granted some would argue there is a priority issue here (there is), but I choose to respect the law and let the government and the leaders we elect decide (that’s right, I vote). As a man I frankly try to stay out of it (I haven’t had to judge yet so I don’t judge). For my entire life abortion has been legal, and I can never really know the personal experience involved in the process from a woman’s point of view. Make no mistake though, even in the interests of understanding the issue I wouldn’t go for the opportunity. I like being a man dammit.

Here’s something I do have a problem with however: In the last several years the American craze with our flexing our judicial muscles has reached a white knuckled, eye watering, mind shattering speed. Despite this corporate trials continue to stretch out into the 10+ years area while our courts can barely keep up. It seems our governmental processes take so long it’s become quicker to decide these things in court, and as usual it’s the people involved who become stuck in the sea of issues surrounding them.

I haven’t really pursued abortion as a research manner so I can’t make any claims to have a completely informed position. But here’s a thought: If we actually posted the abortion issue to a nationwide vote, what do you think the result would be?

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