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LSJ – Police: We F***’ed Up

Lansing State Journal:Police: Anti-riot tactics backfired

Using the Freedom Of Information Act (you can make your own FOIA request here) the Lansing State Journal has obtained internal documents from the East Lansing Police Department confirming that the cops screwed up, and they reported it up the chain.

Apparently the cops, wearing riot gear for a then non-existent riot, used a public address system meant to disperse the crowd and instead drew even more festive MSU students. As a former MSU student this tells me how little the ELPD actually understand the student populace. I mean seriously, you know you’ve got FORTY THOUSAND people in town, you know the environment, and you’re surprised when a loud speech that’s inaudible from more than a few hundred feet draws more of a crowd?

The report also seems to confirm that cops fired tear gas into the crowds before bottles and rocks were thrown back at the police.

The LSJ also offers this exciting recipe for a good time:

An inventory of munitions police used April 2 and early April 3:

East Lansing police

• 81 hand-tossed tear gas grenades

• 55 launched tear gas rounds

• 2 muzzle blast dispersions

• 22 sting ball grenades – rubber balls used as projectiles

• 6 stinger rounds – rubber balls fired from a 37 mm launcher, considered low to medium force

• 1 exact impact round – a blue sponge projectile fired at one person who was throwing a projectile at officers

• Total: 167

Lansing police

• 5 rubber balls

• 8 hand-tossed tear gas grenades

• 19 multiple projectiles

• 11 short-range tear gas rounds

• 1 long-range tear gas round

• Total: 44

Bath Township police

• 7 hand-tossed tear gas grenades

• Total: 7

• Clinton County sheriff’s officials used no munitions.

• It’s still unclear how many munitions were used by officers from the Michigan State Police, Michigan State University Department of Police and Public Safety, Ingham County Sheriff’s Office and Meridian Township Police Department.

And all this for a total of just over 2,000 people “flooding” the streets. The cops had another brilliant idea up their sleeves to keep kids off the streets: Let’s close all the bars at a half hour after midnight! Even better, only forty-two people were arrested in the course of the night.

The situation as it stands now only looks like it will get uglier. A 21-year old MSU student and member of the Associated Student organization claims to have specific video evidence.

Personally all I really want is a town where the cops and the majority of the population can occasionally coexist.

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