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Sober worm

Sober worm variant makes the rounds | CNET News.com

Symantec Security Response – W32.Sober.O@mm Worm

I got at least two dozen copies of this in my inbox today. Note to anyone who may have my actual email addresses: This worm spreads by collecting address book data. So if you got a weird attachment and opened it, chances are you just sent this to everyone you know and then some.

I’m not pointing any fingers. Lord knows enough work related people have the e-mail addresses that got hit who probably don’t know what a virus definition update is.

Simplest analogy I ever learned working in TS:

Your computer is like a car. If you don’t take care of it something will break and it will stop working. Defrags, spyware scans, security updates, and a decent browser are on the same level as an oil change. You don’t take your car to the mechanic and simply tell them “It was working fine yesterday.” If you want a dependable computer it requires some effort.

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