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Chupacabra, Charlie White, and Interpol

Urban Legends Reference Pages via Screenhead

Head on over to snopes.com for TONS of urban legend reading. The fun catch is that they takes steps to verify all of them and update accordingly.

A recent Screenhead post pointed to me the site’s page on the Mexican Chupacabra myth which has what was thought to be a possible picture of the beast. (Oddly enough I caught the X-Files episode that dealt with the Chupacabra last night)

Turns out the photo is part of a series by video artist Charlie White. The series depicts a theme of “accidental” encounters with monsters around LA. White also did a video for Interpol, who I personally think is the best original band in the last five years.

“Evil” video by Charlie White. Music by Interpol. 3.4MB quicktime file.

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