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My Lead Problem

LSJ: Board of Water & Light customers advised to run taps for 7 minutes

Lansing Board of Water and Light – Home Page

BWL Press Release

Man, the Fremen are totally going to come kill us all after this…

The Lansing Board of Water and Light released the findings of its latest study into the lead pipe problem that first cropped up last summer. Since then (because I live in one of the affected areas), at their recommendation, I run our taps for thirty seconds before we drink directly from it or even use it to cook with. Thank God for the Brita.

Anyway, today’s findings took a dramatic swing for the worse: The BWL recommends that we run our taps for SEVEN MINUTES before using the water. But don’t worry! According to their fact sheet on lead and drinking water the BWL has “committed to undertake a project to remove all lead service lines in our system by 2014.” *whew* I feel much better guys. Thanks. I’m so glad my taxes pay your paychecks and I still get to pay bills to you every month. You’re sure earning it.

At the moment my mind is too busy contemplating the medical implications and what the overall rise in utility bills will be if everyone were to follow this “suggestion”. I’ll update as I dig up more.

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