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Shoulder to Shoulder

Several years back my wife dislocated her shoulder, and long before we ever met I dislocated mine. Anyone who’s experienced a shoulder injury can tell you that it never really goes away. For the next several years your arm constantly feels like it’ll easily fall out of place, and even when it gets back to 100% (if it can) you’re still much more likely to suffer another injury in the future.

I love the fact that my wife is a mechanic. She has a natural talent for taking things apart and fixing them. Everyone who knows her (myself included) were highly amused by the idea of her working as a mechanic because it seemed like such a good fit. And, for the most part, it is.

But don’t think for a second that I like the fact that my wife’s job involves a high risk of injury. Her shop has open service pits, hydraulic lifts, and more chemicals than I can count. Every time my phone rings when I’m at work and it’s her number I cringe a little because I’m waiting for one of “those” calls, and today I got one.

Around 4:00 pm I was trying to nail down the last few items of my work day. Conference call, type out a few emails, request a couple web page updates, standard stuff. Then my phone rang, it was my wife’s number, and from the second she started talking I could tell she was in pain.

While working on a stubborn filter underneath a car she had turned her body just a little too far while still twisting the filter and her shoulder came completely out of the socket. Now my wife is no stranger to pain. She’s ripped her ankle almost completely in two playing soccer and survived an extremely nasty car accident. But when I got that call I could this was another deal entirely. I frantically packed up my laptop and assorted work crap and flew out the door, drove across town to her shop and we went straight to the doctor.

At first he couldn’t tell if her shoulder was back in place or not. After a lengthy poke n’ prod process he requested x-rays, and they gave her a shot of painkillers in advance simply because they’d have to move her arm around to get the angles they needed. Once the x-rays came back he determined her shoulder bones were back in place, but based on her pain and level of swelling he thinks her rotator cuff is torn and a ligament possibly separated.

Tomorrow I take her cute drugged up behind back to the hospital for an MRI (like the one pictured above), so updates will follow.

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