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Yahoo! Mindset

Yahoo! Mindset – Beta

I’m a Google convert. No doubt about it. Their consistent quality and easy-on-the-eyes layouts have always drawn me to their products and services.

Yahoo looks like it’s on to a good thing here, and personally I think this is the sole innovation Yahoo has had over Google in the last 4 years, maybe more.

Mindset works like any other search engine, but when viewing results you have a sliding bar that allows you to weed out the shopping/commercial links. So if you’re shopping for something you can drop that slider all the way to the commerce side, or if you’re researching you can drop it all the way to the right.

Simple, effective, cool. Nice work Yahooligans.

UPDATE: Looks like Yahoo keeps tabs on the blogsphere. Statcounter shows a user reading this page on June 22nd from corp.yahoo.com (I have more info on the hit but it’s not the kind of stuff you post openly).

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