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Have a Low-Tech (or No-Tech) Day

Have a Low-Tech (or No-Tech) Day via Lifehacker

I’ve noticed a interesting pattern in my time writing this blog. Sometimes when I post one of my (few) comments on my actual life a story comes down the RSS feeds that relates to it almost exactly.

Case in point: In my last post I talked about how I’ve taken to keeping my laptop put away for most of my weekends. Less than an hour after that post I came across this Lifehacker article in which the author remarks:

As much as it can help, technology can be overwhelming. There are times when I feel like it’s a real struggle to get away from screens and keyboards, but I find that when I can do so, I’m come back to those same devices recharged and ready to go.

That’s my whole point. The longer I stay away from my computer the better I feel when I finally go back to it.

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