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Picture this: Jim Morrison in chaps

Soul Shine Magazine : Jim Morrison the Cowboy?

This weekend I was hanging out with the pimpest of the pimp daddys Kentron, and as we all tried to avoid the punishing heat of the day (very unusual for this time of year in Lansing) he suddenly brought up that he’d heard a rumor that Jim Morrison was still alive!

“Surely…” I thought “this can’t be right. An army of RSS feeds brings news to my browser all day long and, were it true, this would certainly be something hard to miss.”

Lately I’ve been taking weekend breaks from my computer to spend time focusing on … you know… more important things in life so I didn’t have a chance to look into this until today. Beauty that it is, Google News brought up a ton of related articles that are so far staying low-key in the Internet world.

Maybe that’s because nobody believes it? But then again, if I were Jim Morrison, I might not want people to believe it either.

You decide. Right now. ‘Cause this will be on the test.

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