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Small cars the U.S. can’t have

Small cars the U.S. can’t have – Autoblog

It’s no secret that the peculiar mix of people and culture in the U.S. leads just about every international company to take special “considerations” into account whenever a new product is about to be released.

Cars are one excellent example. Entire labels exist here in the states (Lexus I’m looking at you, you know who you are) that can’t be found elsewhere in the world. For the last twenty years manufacturers have avoided making hatchbacks because of a stupid, unsubstantiated sentiment in the average American car buyer that hatchbacks are “cheap”.

Autoblog has an article up talking about three pretty cool cars (I’d buy an Opel Corsa any day) which probably won’t ever grace a U.S. street. Which is really unfortunate considering our taste for cars has driven the world oil economy closer to collapse than it’s ever been.

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