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Robot Revolt!

June 21st, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Robot revolt at San Francisco hospital! – Engadget

Continuing my coverage of important robotic matters…

“Robots are Scary” from bluehour on Flickr

About a week ago Skynet began the first of its clandestine missions to subvert the human race and dominate us all… by messing up a medication delivery routine.

A delivery robot named Waldo (some things about robots haven’t changed since the 80’s I see) went “berserk” in a San Franciso hospital:

“Waldo shot past the pharmacy and barged uninvited into the examination room in the radiation oncology department, where — according to an anonymous caller — a doctor was examining a cancer patient,” the paper’s columnists wrote. “According to the caller, Waldo wouldn’t leave, and the startled doctor and patient felt obliged to flee the room.”

That’s it. No more info. I for one would like to know exactly how a robot refuses to leave a room and more importantly why two grown human beings would feel compelled to “flee”.

Scratchy Synthisizer Voice If you don’t leave now you’re getting a face full of Xanax.

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