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Korean Netizens Attack Dog-Poo-Girl

June 29th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Don Park’s Daily Habit – Korean Netizens Attack Dog-Poo-Girl

Now THIS is what I like to see, a truly social use for the Internet.

Long story short (not that long really, check out the link above) a Korean woman’s dog took a dump on a public subway, and when nearby “elders” encouraged her to clean up the mess she got mad, refused, and took off.

A nearby passenger took pictures and posted them, without hiding the girls face or any other details, online.

Now the author of the blog linked above feels the Korean netizens (Internet Citizen, natch) acted poorly, essentially engaging in mob behavior after the girls family and past were tracked down and documented online. He ends his post with this line:

Transparent society? It looks more like a society of gadget-wielding finger-pointers to me.

I see his point, but come on, cleaning up after your own dog on a freakin’ PUBLIC train is just common courtesy. As far as I’m concerned she gave up her right to privacy in this issue as soon as she acted that way in a (once again) PUBLIC place.

Accountability seems to be a lost cause in the world today…

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