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Boy Hit By Lightning Through Video Game

June 30th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

TheBostonChannel.com – News – N.H. Boy Hit By Lightning Through Video Game Controls via (some video game site I forgot, doh!)

many bolts by rrazor via flickr

Man, this sucks.

I’m one of the kids who grew up with parents who, when big “thunder boomers” were about, always told us “Stay off the phone” and “Get out of the bath” and “Don’t stick that fork in the socket!” Add another to the list…

To be perfectly honest the link isn’t really worth looking at as it is way to brief, but basically what happened is this poor kid got zapped when through a controller when lightning hit his house.

And here I always thought video games were one of the best things about cold stormy days inside.

In the words of The Dude: “That’s a bummer man…”

(And don’t worry, the kid’s ok!)

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