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Defining “Knee Jerk Reaction”

July 11th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Boing Boing: Cell service shut off indefinitely in 4 NYC commuter tunnels

In response to the London bombings last week New York City disabled cell phone access in several key subway tunnels.

What they didn’t realize is that emergency workers often rely on cellular communication more than their antique radios. The NYPD asked to have all cell phone capabilites restored after receiving many complaints that disabling the service is itself a security risk.

Forty minutes ago they started turning the services back up.

As long as we continue to make short-sighted snap judgements like this we’re never going to see any real progress.

DECISION MAKERS: If the time it takes you to make a decision is the same as the time it takes to respond to an e-mail then you probably need to take a class in Logic.

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