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This Godless Communism

July 12th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

“This Godless Communism” Comic Book via Boing Boing & Metafilter

Faded Communism by Jerry Wang Yu via flickr

Find out what a 1960’s Catholic comic book publisher has to say about Communism.

My favorite bit of dialogue:

“…The following story tells you what a family’s life would be like in a communist United States.”

“This is the voice of your communist government speaking. Today, communist forces have completed the occupation of your country. The United States no longer exists. It is now the Union of Soviet States of America! Long live the U.S.S.A.!”

“What do we do now, dad?”

“We should have done our thinking and praying before this happened Bill. But it is never too late. Let’s go to church and ask God’s help.”

Unfortunately Bill and his dad find out that their church has been appropriated and will be turned into a communist museum.

So remember kids, think and pray about communism BEFORE they take over. It’s important.

UPDATE: As I continue reading the comic, I discover that, for whatever reason, the communists decided to move the capitol of the U.S.S.A. to Chicago. No explanation, no real reason. I guess they just like Chicago better.

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