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Wikipedia Anniversaries

July 14th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

List of historical anniversaries – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You may have noticed I link to the Wikipedia a lot. It’s a free, open to anyone encyclopedia covering, well, just about anything you can imagine. You may read an article covering current topics (Wikipedia is now known for having extensive, constantly updated articles on current events such as the London bombing) and then read an article covering the in-depth physics of Star Trek’s warp drive.

The front page of Wikipedia lists historical events that took place on today’s date and changes daily with new info. Tomorrow is my birthday, so out of curiosity I jumped over to their Historical Anniversaries page and looked at July 15th.

According to the page I share my birthday many people of note, including Rembrandt, Clive Cussler, Linda Ronstadt, and Jesse Ventura.

There are also many historical events of note on July 15th, including Napoleon’s surrender in 1815.

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