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Detroit now the Second Motor City

July 18th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ontario manufacturers more autos than Michigan – Autoblog

This weekend I was sitting on the beach with my family, and the conversation drifted towards the economy. My mom’s side of my immediate family moved to Illinois about ten years ago, and I try to keep her up to date on the goings-on in her old home town. As much as I love the state I grew up in and still live in it made me sad when I realized the only news I had to share this weekend was bad news.

Well, add another one to the list. Or maybe we should start a “Ten Signs of the Coming Michi-pocalypse”.

Quote from the link above:

“For the first time since the assembly line was invented and implemented in Michigan by Henry Ford, the state known as the capital of the world’s industry failed to produce the most amount of vehicles in North America last year.”

Bummer. Regardless of the relatively minor impact this report will have, to me it’s a sign of something larger which may be happening all over the U.S. as the world changes: Michigan is losing its identity.

HEY AUTOMAKERS: Here’s an idea. Turn Detroit into “The Hybrid City”. With mile-long waiting lists and ever rising popularity you really couldn’t go wrong.

UPDATE: I’m not alone with this idea.

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