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Photo Monday

August 1st, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

(Note: You can click any of these pics and take a look at their flickr page, larger sizes available for more detail)

Slow day in the “gee I should I post this” news world. But I added some pics to my flickr account so let’s take a look:

First off, using the amazing Autostitch program I generated my second panoramic picture. This shows the view from my driveway, starting at the right from my front door (you can see my wife at the far right in the large version) and swinging left to the house next door.

It was a beautiful Sunday (yesterday, when I took these pics originally) and we were on our way to do some laundry.

Next up, this “odd things” photo from my office break room:

Yes, that is a plunger on top of the vending machine. No, there isn’t a bathroom in the break room (thank God) and no, I don’t know why it was there.

Time for another “strange things J sees in his office parking lot” picture. As I left work one day last week this was parked right outside the door:

Another pic from the back:

lens flare sucks, best viewed large

A couple weeks ago Jen and I went to my parents’ cottage for the weekend. Obligatory beach picture:

And last but not least, a “so cute I have to puke” picture of Jake, my mother-in-law’s kitten taking a nap in a … not so nap-ish looking place.

Now I’m off to level up my Pastamancer in Kingdom of Loathing. Hope everybody had a good Monday!

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