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August 5th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

HappyNews.com – All The News That’s Fun To Print via Jason Pettus

“This is my God” by lorenzodom via flickr

I usually keep profanity on my blog to a minimum, but HOLY SHIT this is the best thing to happen to Internet News since RSS.

A couple months back I was getting pretty depressed by what I was seeing in my RSS reader. I track over one hundred web sites on a daily basis using RSS, which is a lot of news to take in. Without realizing it I was paying way more attention to the bad stories (“Gee the world sucks”) and barely even glancing over the good news (“More sappy crap on the Internet, woo-hoo”).

I was making the mistake that so many depressed people make: I had unconciously created a filter in my head so that only the bad stuff got through. It was only when I made a concious effort to read, in full, the GOOD stories did that feeling turn around.

Happy News is just that: Happy News. They find news that makes you feel a little better about the world rather than pushing the biggest disasters in the world today for the sake of more web traffic (I’m looking at you CNN.com).

Their RSS feed is a little off at the moment, but hopefully that will improve with time.

Thanks a bunch J Pettus!!!

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  1. August 6th, 2005 at 00:01 | #1

    Well, you’re welcome! Man, that really is a great site, isn’t it? I never quite realized just what an endless stream of bad news most mainstream media outlets keep spitting out these days, until starting to go to Happy News and remembering, “Oh yeah, that’s right, there are decent things going on in the world these days as well.”

  2. August 6th, 2005 at 03:04 | #2

    You know that is true when you have just been in a seminar when the stats show people does not read the newspaper because it stress them…

    And then we ask why they go straight to sports, social events and entertainment…

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