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Kitten War

August 10th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

kittenwar.com via screenhead

Now this one is completely self explanatory.

On second thought, I guess not. Well not entirely anyway.

Here’s the basic elements: Upload a picture of your cat or kitten. Online voting battles are waged between your cat and other users’ cats.

Needless to say cuteness is a vital, VITAL element here. To prove my point, I present Iraiza who is the reigning champ as of this posting. 874 battles. 684 wins (78%). 129 losses (15%). 61 draws (7%).

Most people are familiar with Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Now imagine cats instead of birds, but the same basic premise. An entire army of little guys like this one? We’d never see it coming. NEVER.

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