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Pfizer Halts Drugs Ads – For 6 Months

August 12th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Pfizer calls halt to new drug ads – The Boston Globe via AdJab

I’ve expressed my thoughts on healthcare reform and advertising, and I was happy to see this item come across my RSS reader today.

Pfizer has announced that they will suspend all advertising for the next six months, and all future ads will be approved by the FDA prior to airing/printing.

Adjab feels this an “empty gesture” and relevant to the big picture I agree. But (and this is a big but in Pfizer’s favor) it is a start. This is a first for the drug industry, and Pfizer deserves credit (however small) for even trying this.

Hopefully they will pressure their competitors to do the same and begin a new wave of responsible, properly targeted spending in these times of never ending health care costs spikes.

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