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Hidden Windows Apps – Run Prompt Commands

August 20th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

little box » Hidden Windows Apps via Download Squad

As a long time laptop user I learned the value of the Windows run prompt a long time ago. Anything that means you don’t have to use a laptop’s built-in mouse means saving a lot of time for most people.

The windows key on most windows keyboards (it’s just a tiny icon of the windows logo) can be used for a lot of shortcuts (win+D for desktop, win+F for file explorer, etc) including win+R to bring up a run prompt. This a list of all of the programs available from the run prompt, and it also lets you access a lot of applications hidden in XP but featured more prominently in previous versions of Windows.

My personal favs from this list:

charmap: special characters chart

iexpress: create self-extracting/self-installing package

perfmon: old-school system performance monitor, experienced users only, not available in XP SP-2

sndvol32: volume control panel

And for any of you young-lings out there who never had the pleasure of working with Windows 3.x try typing “progman” into a run prompt. And now imagine trying to run your entire computer through what comes up.

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