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AIDS Groups Upset Over Family Guy Song About…. AIDS

August 26th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

TV Squad – Groups angry at Family Guy AIDS song

In one of the recent new episodes of Family Guy (they’re recording commentary tracks for the new DVD box set today, yee-hah!), Peter recalls discovering his lack of breaking bad news: Earlier in life, he participated in a barber shop quartet which broke the bad news about AIDS to people who had been tested for it.

Tasteless? Maybe, but no more than Patch Adams.

This makes me think about the commentary track on the episode “I Never Saw Another Weinstein”. The episode had been completely finished and Fox, originally, didn’t air it. The show was canceled, and it was added as a bonus to the last disc of the second DVD box set.

During this commentary it’s apparent that several of the production staff were rightfully pissed that this episode hadn’t aired (it later aired on Cartoon Network and has since been shown several times) and during the course of their heated discussion on the matter they make one very good point:

Peter’s an idiot.

Seriously, they even devoted an entire episode to it (Petarded).

Why would anyone ever think that this fat cartoon serves as a role model for ANYONE? Any kid who watches this show and thinks “gee, I need to act just like that guy” has parents who need to have their heads examined.

The whole point here is that this joke isn’t targeted at the AIDS patients. The funny bit is, simply put, taking one of the most awkward situations anyone can be put in (on either side) and turning it into a complete farce.

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