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Police State? What Police State?

August 26th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments


I first heard about this debacle a few days ago when a DJ participant notified BoingBoing of the whole thing, but now there’s a video (quicktime) as well as an in depth Wikipedia news article.

Some comments:

“In a press release from the Sheriff’s Office in Utah County, the department states that previous allegations of sexual abuse at other raves, as well as various firearm and theft violations, were reasons for the investigation.”

Wow… and here I thought those little lollipop pacifier suckers didn’t want anything more than to spin in a circle for 9 hours. Turns out they just wanted guns and to steal stuff.

Note the press release’s use of “theft violations.” I can imagine that one now: “Hey! I stole that first! Give it back!”

“The release continues on to state that the proper permit was not obtained before the event started. The promoters deny this allegation and insist that all permits were legally obtained before the event.”

The DJ on BoingBoing said that troopers (let’s be honest, that’s what a man dressed like this is) actually tore the organizer’s permit up in front of him. Even if the permit was legally obtained, destroy his copy and there isn’t much preventing you from wiping out everything else back at the office, all of which is under your control.

“Among the confiscated items and drugs found were cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, mushrooms, alcohol, and drug paraphernalia. Some of the drugs may include those confiscated from attendees by private security guards – who were also arrested.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Security Guards were arrested because they had drugs on them; drugs they had confiscated from attendees at the entrance to the show.


Witness statement:

“I saw at least two people being beaten on the ground while barking, snarling dogs are held just a few feet from them. Weapons were being pointed at unarmed, peaceful civilians. A friend of mine was forced at gunpoint to put his hands on his head and turn around, because he asked if he could get his things from the tent.”

Nothing to see here… move along

We aren’t making progress people. The human race isn’t treating each other any better than we did several decades ago, and for all our advanced technology and new awareness of the world around us it doesn’t count for squat unless we can learn to get along better.

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