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The Kingsbury Manx

September 1st, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

music (for robots) – The Kingsbury Manx – And What Fallout

Not much to talk about today, and my energy reserves are running dangerously low. There’s some kind of really aggressive cold going around my office and I’ve taken to wearing my headphones full time to drown out the noise of my coworkers’ coughs and sneezes (while I try to keep my own to a minimum). It hit me over this past weekend and left me a wreck for the better part of three days, filling wastebaskets with damp tissues and languishing in that oh-so-fun mode where every breath feels like a potential cough or sneeze.

I’m feeling a bit better, and the wife and I are supposed to head out to my parent’s cottage on Lake Michigan this weekend so there are good things ahead.

I find that music really helps lift my mood when I’m feeling ill and this Kingsbury Manx track fits the bill.

So listen to this song, take some Vitamin C, drink some tea, and don’t get sick.

That’s an order.

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