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More Katrina Coverage

September 2nd, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Earlier I talked about the overwhelming volume of media coverage in New Orleans and other Katrina affected areas. After soaking up today’s news, here’s the items I found most interesting:

Anderson Cooper goes off
I love watching a news anchor really lay in to a talking head. Anderson Cooper, live on CNN, nearly lost all composure as he went toe-to-toe with Senator Mary Landrieu (who gives one of the most BS interviews I’ve ever heard).
Video and transcripts available here.
The Mad Russian is also hosting a copy of the video here (WMV file)

The Interdictor is a livejournal updated by DirectNIC employees desperately trying to keep their servers up during this whole mess. They are providing some of the best up-to-date coverage on relief efforts and goings on in the street. Live webcam feed and pictures are spottily available (to give you an idea: they just posted a new cam link at 2:48 pm and it’s already unavailable as of 3:30) due to traffic.

Michael Moore’s Open Letter to Bush
It’s Michael Moore, ’nuff said.

Jason Pettus
has a good post up today covering the future of New Orleans. After reading it I can see that, if the hurricane hadn’t hit, the task at hand would’ve made an excellent sci-fi book. Imagine a building a new city for a million people, and everyone is pressing to have it done faster than “As Soon As Humanly Possible”.

Where’s Inferno when you need him?

UPDATE: Hello to all the readers hitting the site from entergy.com domains (there are a few of you). I know your company runs the nuclear reactor that was deactivated in preparation for the hurricane, so good work! Now could somebody just drop me a line (jasonrallen [at] gmail.com) and tell me why you keep browsing back to this page?

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