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Ray Nagin Sets It Straight

September 2nd, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Pirate Bay – Ray Nagin Interview Download via BoingBoing

I’ve avoided posted anything about what’s happening in New Orleans right now for a couple reasons:

1) There is more coverage online than you could possibly read. I debated making each word in that statement a link to a story, but honestly the idea is overwhelming. I have no idea where to start other than to pick a bunch of links at random.

2) I’ve never been to New Orleans, and I can’t possibly imagine what those people are going through right now. I mean, I can imagine it, but imagining it via media coverage and actually being there are two different things.

The American people are getting a large dose of reality right now. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin gave a very, VERY honest interview yesterday afternoon which you can download at the link above. If anyone down there is in a position to have to deal with this disaster and at the same time care about the city I’m willing to bet nobody cares more than Mayor Nagin.

CNN has aired parts of this interview with the juicy bits censored.

Mayor Nagin’s major points: People are dying, politicians are wasting time, and relief isn’t getting there fast enough. Police have been told to halt search and rescue operations to keep people from looting.

Can you imagine that? Being trapped on your roof or God knows where else for the last several days, and now nobody else is coming for you because they’re busy making sure the surviving merchandise is kept safe. After all your possessions have been destroyed.

Honestly, I don’t understand why people wonder why bad things (like this) happen in the world. Just look at how the majority of us treat each other.

Please take the time to donate to your local Red Cross.

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