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Danny Bonaduce, Reality TV, and Suicide

September 12th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

We let the premium cable genie out of the bottle and back into our home about six months ago (I finally bowed to the voice in my head constantly pestering me for a cable modem) and it’s been interesting adjusting to the state of TV today.

After almost two years of no cable it was interesting getting back into it. We still stick to Discovery, the History Channel, and other similar networks, but adjusting to current advertising (blech) and the absolutely deplorable state of reality TV has been the hardest part.

That said, I find myself honestly intrigued by the upcoming show featuring Danny Bonaduce, a.k.a little demon Partridge. Honestly I’m not old enough to remember the Partridge Family, but when I was living outside Chicago I listened to the guy on the radio almost every night. He had a show then (not sure if it was local to Chicago or syndicated) that preceded Love Line on the same station, and I’d catch the last hour of Danny’s show and fall asleep listening to Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew.

I don’t remember any specific stories associated with Danny’s radio show, but he seemed like an ok guy and I remember thinking he seemed fairly down to earth and I probably wouldn’t mind meeting him (I find the potential for serious mental illness in celebrities too pervasive to want to ever meet most of them).

Sadly, I read today via TV Squad that Danny tried to commit suicide during the filming of his show. Given the preview ads they’ve been running for it, I can’t say I’m surprised. They are billing the show as the story of his recovery, admitting an affair to his wife, and how he tries to set his life straight after ignoring a lot of serious problems over the years.

I’ve never met the guy, and my impressions of him are as limited as most other people’s, but I honestly hope he pulls through and comes out well. Best of luck Danny.

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