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Penny Arcade – Madden Next Gen Screenshots

As the gaming industry has grown so have the flocks of people who blindly follow certain companies and buy all their products. These types usually swallow whole-heartedly any line that’s being fed to them by marketing-types, and today’s Penny Arcade comic is a perfect example.

A few tips on upcoming gaming news/consoles/games/etc:

1. Never believe that the first “screenshots” of a game system or game will be anything like the final product. A perfect example was the X-box 360 at this year’s E3 show. They showed plenty of footage (including the clip relevant to this story), but what they didn’t admit was none of it was actually running on the next X-box, or even an early prototype. They had three Mac G5’s hooked up running the show, and it’s been reported for a while now that the first X-box 260 developer’s kit was a G5.

2. No matter what you read online, in a magazine, or hear from your friends, do not form a concrete opinion of a game or system BEFORE you play it. I dismissed the GameCube for years because it was very different from the other contenders, and now it’s my most played system. Honestly, I’m not 100% believing anything I hear about the next-gen systems until I’m holding a controller in my hands.

3. A press release is not a binding contract. The biggest example is Sony, who has a track record of removing features from systems almost as quick as they slap them on. The fact of the matter is when you’re sitting at home hunched over your keyboard reading the first PS3 reports, back in Sony labs the thing is barely out of prototype. It’s HYPE people, and until that controller is in your hands that’s all it is.

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