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A Thousand Words

September 14th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

… in a picture anyway. Or so the saying goes.

I was doing some upkeep on my flickr account today, checking out the older ones, updating descriptions, adding a tag here and there.

I came across this shot, a black and white hand-developed number from my first photography class back in high school.

-large version available-

When I look at my pictures I try to remember what I was thinking when I took it. What was it about that particular moment that made me decide to take the shot? Well, I wanted pictures of where I had lived for six years to show to my friends back in Michigan. Naperville was and still is a city with a lot of families, so you see a lot of kids around. They’ve really tried to make Naperville a kid-friendly city, and it shows just about everywhere in the little downtown area.

If someone were to ask me which one of my pictures is my personal favorite, I’d probably say this one.

I wish I had a larger version, but that is 100% of the print size. Hopefully the negative is still ok in the portfolio, because someday I’d like to make a larger copy.

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